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Experience Mapping
User Interface Design


Drive is a mobile solution for car sharing. It allows users to reserve vehicles and get automated access to cars. Alternatively, members can use the app to unlock the door as well as to locate a Drive by turning on the hazard lights. Users are charged by the hour. Fuel, parking, insurance, and maintenance are included in the price.

User journey

In designing the application, the main challenge was to simplify car rental flow and make it as intuitive as possible. This user journey shows the rental process.

Flow chart

Car rental in just a few clicks. We developed a seamless and comprehensible flow: choose the car, find it with the help of the hazard lights, unlock the door and go wherever you need!

A flowchart below sheds the light on all possible scenarios: from renting a car or adding a payment method to browsing history.

For all tastes

There are 6 types of cars between Economy and Sport catering to various needs. Whether you're making a routine shopping trip, or you want to make an impressive appearance at the party, there's a car type that suits you.

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