Revolutionizing the experience of everyday shopping
What we did

User Research
Experience Mapping
User Interface Design

Facebook Messanger

A chat-bot that streamlines grocery shopping experience by making your shopping list based on the dish you want to prepare, your shopping history or your common searches.

User Research – Surveys

Prior to diving into the design process, we had conducted research. It helped us connect with our audience better, understand their mindset and priorities during the grocery shopping process.
So here are the questions we asked:
— In what way do you usually buy groceries?
— How often do you buy groceries?
— What does dictate your shopping list?
— How much time do you usually spend on grocery shopping?

Flow charts

To have a bird's-eye view of all flows and cases our team introduced the method of flowcharts. This helped create a set of product opportunities we could focus on and identify potential gaps faster.

Automation of buying everyday products
With the power of AI and machine learning the system collects information on what products and how often the user orders. Then it comprises a cart list and calculates the exact time of the future delivery so that the user has only one thing left to do: confirm the order.
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