Changing the experience of everyday shopping
What we did

User Research
Experience Mapping
User Interface Design

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Chat-bot is making your shopping list based on what dish you want to prepare, your shopping history and just regular searches.
The problem we've need to solve is to create a chat-bot experience for grocery shopping.

User Research – Surveys

Before going dip into any screen design or even feature prioritization we have conducted research. It helped us to understand how people do grocery shopping and what problems they have during this process.
So here are the questions we wanted to ask:
— How are you buying groceries?
— How often you buy groceries?
— What are guiding your shopping list?
— How many time you usually spend on grocery shopping?

Flow charts

To have a bird-eye view of all flows and cases that application has the most productive way is to make flowcharts.
With the help of flowcharts the whole team sees the full picture, understand all possible scenarios and identify potential gaps faster.

Automation of buying everyday products
After some time user using our service for grocery shopping, we will collect information what products and how often he ordering. With the power of AI and machine learning we can calculate when and what he needs to order and we automatically will place everything into his cart, so the only action he needs to perform is to confirm that delivery.
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